Another lovely Sunday morning was spent with Kasia and Ian with their two children Jess and little Jack. I have to say I feel blessed to do what I do and to meet such sweet people, I’m honoured to be able to capture these moments in their lives that I know they will always be able to look back on.  Thank you to Kasia and Ian for such a lovely stroll around Battersea Park!


  • October 14, 2015 - 2:48 pm

    Mark Hiley - Amazing pictures; amazing subjects! SUCH happy pictures. Just back from Africa. Can’t wait to see you all! X

Gayle and George had a gorgeous marriage celebration at Petersham Nurseries, one of my favourite places and restaurants.  I can not recommend the venue enough! The day was perfect, and Gayle and George were surrounded by their closest family and friends.  Gayle’s exquisite taste was clear throughout the entire day, from the beautiful peonies at the registry to the delicate flower petaled cake at the end of the lunch, Gayle is also the owner of a gorgeous linen company, Gayle Warwick, and perfected the table setting with her handmade linens. I am delighted to be photographing Gayle and George’s wedding celebration next year at the Wallace Collection, and most of all I look forward to witnessing such a loving couple celebrate their love with their wonderfully supportive friends and families, the happiness on this day was contagious and I’m ready for another dose!  Thank you Gayle and George for allowing me to capture this sweet day.

Wedding at Petersham Nursery Richmond London by Lucy BirkheadWedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0002Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0003Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0004Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0005Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0006Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0007Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0008Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0009Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0010Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0011Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0012Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0013Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0014Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0015Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0016Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0017Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0018Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0019Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0020Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0021Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0022Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0023Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0024Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0025Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0026Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0027Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0028Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0029Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0030Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0031Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0032Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0033Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0034Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0035Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0036Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0037Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0038Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0039Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0040Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0041Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0042Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0043Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0044Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0045Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0046Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0047Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0048Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0049Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0050Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0051Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0052Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0053Wedding-at-Petersham-Nursery-London-0054

I loved spending Sunday morning with this family. I photographed Arianna and Tony when they had their first son Matteo and it was so sweet to finally meet Alberto. We met in Richmond and played in the park for a couple of hours and I was able to capture Matteo and Alberto enjoying their time together, whatever Matteo did, Alberto was never far behind. Thank you Tony and Arianna for allowing me to capture this time in your lives, I loved hanging out with your little guys!


I am very excited to photograph my dear friends Hannah and Chris’s wedding next year. In preparation we met up in East London to take a few photos, I love these opportunities to spend time with couples, helping them get comfortable in front of the camera, although for these two it didn’t take long. Hannah and Chris radiated fun and warmth… and my job was made very easy. Hannah, there are few people like you, thank you for our great friendship and the hours of laughter, I can’t wait to capture one of the most special days in your life.


In July I received one of the loveliest emails I can remember, the email started like this…

My name is Paula and I’m Brazilian, from Sao Paulo.
I’ve just turned 30 and I’ll be flying to London in July to finally make a big dream come true! That’s the b-day gift I’m giving myself. Visiting London has been such a huge dream of mine since I was 12. Finally, it will come true!

I’m not getting married. Actually, I don’t even have a boyfriend! lol Maybe you’ll find it strange but I had this idea… If my dream is coming true and I feel such an indescribable love for London (without even knowing it yet), why not register my love for this place having beautiful pictures to treasure forever?

I loved Paula’s email and immediately wrote back with my enthusiasm to capture her time in London. We arranged to meet on Portobello Road for a coffee and from there we walked all over the London, through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, then jumped on the tube to Tower Bridge which Paula had always dreamed of seeing… we exchanged stories along the way and spoke about our own lives and our experiences in the countries we lived.  I could see Paula was so taken with London, every direction she looked seemed to live up to and maybe even beyond her expectation.

When we eventually made it to Tower Bridge, I was changing a roll of film along the way and when I was ready I noticed Paula’s back was to me and she wasn’t quite ready to turn around, when she finally did her reply was, ‘I’m afraid I will ruin your picture. I am just so happy.’ After a few tears of happiness and a few photos in front of Tower Bridge we jumped on a boat down the Thames to our final stop in Westminster, it was the perfect journey and end to our time together – I loved the photos of Paula on the boat, you can see the happiness and freedom she was feeling, after finally fulfilling her dream visit to London!

Thank you Paula for sharing your time in London with me and allowing me to document such a special trip for you, it’s was such an honor and even a great reminder to myself of what a beautiful city I live in. I can’t wait until Paris!



  • August 16, 2015 - 10:35 am

    Mark Brown - wow what a lovely way to remember a trip of a lifetime!! Perfect. Well done x

  • August 16, 2015 - 5:39 pm

    Margie DeCicco - Beautiful glimpse of London, with lovely Paula in the for ground. Love her dress.

  • August 19, 2015 - 3:47 am

    Paula - Dear Lucy,
    Words are not enough to express how grateful I am! I’m really glad I found you!! I’ve never felt so pretty! Lol 😀
    You’re brilliant, kind and sweet! We can feel that through your lenses!

    I’m already missing London, and your pictures will help me to remember all those wonderful days I’ve spent there!! They are very important to me and will ever be!
    Can’t wait to be back!
    And I can’t wait to take my mom to Paris! 🙂
    Hope to see you soon!!
    Thank you, thank you!!